Based on Taylor’s NSF funded research — “Acoustic Sensor Arrays for Understanding Bird Communication.” this project included the development of devices and algorithms for locative sensing of bird song in the field, the creation of an annotated bird song database, and automated classification and annotation of bird song. The artist was inspired by the scientists mimicking and attracting birds with digital recordings creating an interspecies communication. This resulted in the more open ended, habitat specific installation that allowed participants to grapple with both audition and vocalization of birdsong. Audiences are introduced to the complexity of bird song language that is further complicated with mechanical birds (drones) and human / machine language assessing the level of competency. In past iterations, the system could be used either individually or collaboratively. Through observations and more direct experimentation, We found that having two participants at a time engaging in a ‘call and response” is more effective for deeper engagement and understanding of listening to the diversity of bird song.