BIRD SONG DIAMOND: The Acoustic Mapping of Bird Song Networks

The goal of this project is to understand the language of birds — of course not ALL species of birds, but at least a few, starting with those that have languages that seem complex, and yet manageable. While this has long been a desire, up to now it has not been possible, but with modern advances in computing, in linguistic analysis, and a new-found appreciation of how sophisticated other creatures can be, the grammar (and perhaps meaning) of bird song seems attainable. Each installation is habitat specific and reflects its environment and ecology.


Los Angeles / Belgrade

Bird Song Diamond

Bird Song Diamond meditation: Los Angeles > Belgrade > Tokyo

September 13th, 12:00 PST, 21:00 CET

Bird Song Diamond — a live networked audio-visual composition of a long-term collaborative art-science work initiated by evolutionary biologist Charles Taylor. Victoria Vesna (Los Angeles) and members of the UCLA Art Sci collective will be performing a new version that addresses the language of birds and communication networks between humans during these pandemic times.

After a short introduction that includes Dr. Taylor and curator Maja Ćirić, Victoria Vesna (LA) will be joined by John Brumley (Napa, California), Ivana Dama and Clinton Van Arman (LA) — they will improvise from four locations in real time using sound clips from Itsuki Doi (Japan) and Jasna Jovićević (Serbia). This experimental session invites the audience to listen to bird songs along with the ever-increasing complexity of technological birds – drones, helicopters, planes and languages – English, Serbian, Japanese and Chinese.

In collaboration with Harvestworks NY

Bird Song Diamond Belgrade
_Inteligencija IO_
September 1-14
Kraljevića Marka 6

Belgrade, Serbia


✨Dijamant pesme ptica / Nacionalna + selekcija✨

✨Dijamant pesme ptica: akustično mapiranje tehnološke mreže pesme ptica Cilj ovog projekta je razumevanje jezika ptica − počevši od onih sa jezicima koji deluju kompleksno, ali kojima se ipak možemo baviti. Sa savremenim kompjuterskim napretkom u jezičkoj analizi i novom svešću o tome koliko su sofisticirana ostala bića, gramatika (a možda i značenje) pesme ptica deluje dostižno. Svaka instalacija je specifični habitat i oslikava njegovo okruženje i ekologiju.    

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